About Time

Another game is over and won....radiation is finished!!!
Despite my lack of writing, I have thought of it often. Hey, this year I didn't even do Christmas cards! I really feel badly because there is information to share. I've been put through the ringer again with radiation, yet not nearly as bad as chemo or surgery. The residual effects are a really bad looking sunburn on my left side and soreness- like I had after surgery. Back to easy calisthenics. Back to some kind of movement.

As when any new year arrives, so do the resolutions. It seems easier this year to say I WILL exercise. I really want to and feel well enough to do so! That goes for Dave, too. He gets lumped into my resolution just because. And then there's the 'eating right' theory. As many of you know, I do like to eat healthily, but there is always room for chocolate. I'll just have to curb my many cravings for sweets and munching on the kids snacks! Everything in moderation, of course.

Harrison is reaping the benefits of a wonderful Christmas- playing with his many toys including his favorite remote control tarantula (totally creepy) and many games. Bridget enjoys her bin of play food and containers of any kind. It's the simple things in life. She has definitely been struggling with her seizures and we are under full advisement of Dr. Smith, director of Epilepsy at Rush. He saw Bridget in the office on Dec. 3, and we were in the hospital for a 24 hr EEG on Dec. 17. He is much more assertive and he addresses every nuance of her seizures and development. According to blood tests, Bridget is still within the therapeutic range for the current medications. However, she is still exhibiting seizure type behavior, especially with flashing lights (photo sensitive seizures). We may be bridging over to another med in a week or so. The puzzle continues to take shape and not fit together, but we will keep working and working to get it to fit.

In Sydney, it's already 2009. I wish you and your family all the best for a wonderful year ahead. With everything in the world, country, state and home- it's time. Time for renewal of hope and happiness and HEALTH. I know it will come to us. I believe this with my whole heart and faith in God.
God Bless you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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alison zapf said...

You are truely an inspiration with all you are going through. What an amazing family you have. I am praying that 2009 will be the year to bring you many positive answers so you can live well and laugh and love often. Best to you and your family,
Alison Mark Zapf